Fixing Splunk CIM field mapping in Zeek events

After installation of zeek (I’ve used great Series of articles from Eric Ooi), I’ve configured universal forwarder with a Corelight’s add-on TA for Corelight, although there is another version of the add-on from Splunk.

What I’ve noticed, is that Splunk Enterprise Security ❯ DNS Activity at dashboards weren’t populating.

| tstats `summariesonly` dc(DNS.src) as dc(src) from datamodel=Network_Resolution.DNS where DNS.message_type="RESPONSE" by DNS.reply_code
| `drop_dm_object_name("DNS")`
| sort 10 - dc(src)

There is no message_type readily available, this field corresponds to QR flag in DNS header. Even though it was availble in previous versions of Zeek, it was removed due to wrong implementation.

If we check available fields from sourcetype=corelight_dns, some messages contain rcode - return code field, meaning that, this event is RESPONSE, while others are QUERY mesage types. We can test this:

index=zeek sourcetype=corelight_dns rejected=true
| eval message_type=if(isnotnull(rcode),"RESPONSE","QUERY")


To make it work in Splunk Enterprise Security, we need to add this to calculated fields.

message type

alternatively we can add this to add-on’s local props.conf on a search head.


And lastly rebuild data model for DNS, we have now all panels populated:

dns activity

Published 24 Jun 2020